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V2X Testing, Certifications and Simulation

Count On Danlaw For All Your V2X Testing Solutions

Validate and verify your V2X application with our Mx-Drive Mobility Simulator. Use the Mx-DSRC Compliance tester for USDOT certification.

MxDrive™ Mobility Simulator Creates V2X Environments For Testing

MxDrive is a multi-vehicle and infrastructure mobility simulator that provides an environment to generate and run real-world conditions to test connected vehicle applications. Testing V2X applications on actual roads has limitations. Only a limited number of test conditions can be achieved, while safety and damage risks further limit test coverage. MxDrive combined with the MxSuite ecosystem significantly simplifies the testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Sensor Fusion, Radar, and V2X. MxSuite is ISO 26262 qualified to test safety applications for OEMs and suppliers.

MxDrive Addresses The Challenges of V2X Simulation

  • Specifies the vehicle under test’s route and the routes of all the other vehicles transmitting V2X messages
  • Defines the behavior of V2X infrastructure
  • Coordinates GPS, vehicle bus and RF transmissions

V2X Application Testing with MxDrive

The MxDrive extension to MxSuite delivers the functionality required for testing in a fully modeled test harness (MIL) and in a bench test fixture (HIL). Routes can easily be specified, both manually and programmatically. Infrastructure transmissions (e.g. MAPs and SPATs) can be configured. Test equipment is precisely time-synchronized using generated GPS transmissions. The existing benefits of MxSuite, such as test data presentations, pass/fail determination, reporting, etc., are available.

Mx-Drive diagram

The MxDrive environment provides several key capabilities for testing V2X (V2V, V2I, V2P) applications. These include:

  • Simulates the movement of objects such as vehicles and people, as well as the data messages for roadside units (RSUs) and on-board units (OBUs)
  • Generates a GPS signal with simulated time and position data for the unit under test
  • Delivers synchronized CAN data, or other vehicle bus alternatives
  • Provides ‘alternate’ data route choices (if necessary) to deliver simulated accelerometer/gyro information to the SUT
  • Using the Danlaw DSRC modem to transmit messages such as BSM, MAP and SPAT; its comprehensive suite of processing transforms perform the message data packing, encoding, and security in conformance with industry standards
  • Supports verification of application algorithms in MIL, SIL and HIL test environments
  • Offers a graphical and a programmatic approach to creating tests

MxDSRC™ Test System

The MxDSRC Test System simulates systems in the vehicle that interact with the DSRC radio module to create tests closely replicating real-world scenarios. Its integrated approach allows the DSRC components, such as RF quality and protocol conformance, to be exercised with multiple system components. MxDSRC provides a powerful and easy-to-use framework for testing your DSRC system.

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MxDSRC Tests at Every System Layer

Danlaw provides a complete testing service focused on success that ensures you achieve rapid certification with the proper reporting and audit trail.

  • Using a programmatic approach to creating tests, alternate use cases can be easily evoked from basic conditions, thereby allowing extensive sweep and corner case testing
  • Provides more thorough testing of the algorithms than possible in road-only testing
  • MxSuite’s integrated Code Coverage capability helps assess the integrity of the test
  • Uses the same core as the MxDSRC test platform allowing for continued assurance that the system is compliant with V2X DSRC standards throughout development
MX Suite diagram

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MxSuite is simply the most comprehensive platform for automated embedded software verification and validation.

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