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Enabling Safety for Mobility

Vehicle awareness and connectivity

Connected Vehicle Products for Safety, Mobility & the Environment

Our goal is to create solutions that support a safer driving environment free of traffic accidents and congestion. Most traffic accidents and congestion are the result of driver error. Danlaw produces products that notify the driver of dangerous conditions to prevent accidents, as well as minimize factors that contribute to congestion. Our products not only provide a safer driving environment, but also help to save fuel and reduce harmful emissions.

DSRC diagram

How it Works

V2X technology enables communication between a vehicle and the environment that may affect it. This includes other vehicles (V2V), surrounding infrastructure (V2I), and people (V2P). V2X systems collect real-time driving information from other vehicles and roadside equipment to generate predictive insights, providing 360-degree situational awareness for enhanced safety.

RouteLink – V2X Roadside Unit

Danlaw’s RouteLink RSU easily adapts to existing traffic infrastructure. It is designed to enhance safety and mobility on the road. RouteLink alerts drivers to adverse driving conditions, enables pre-emption for first responders, and grants signal priority to buses and service vehicles.

Connected Solutions

RouteLink can be configured to utilize either C-V2X or Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) radios to maximize compatibility with global intelligent transportation systems.

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SkyLink – Through Glass V2X Antenna

Danlaw’s dual-radio, glass-mounted antenna passes DSRC or C-V2X RF signals from the interior to the exterior of the vehicle, enabling aftermarket connected vehicle applications.

Easy Installation

The antenna’s glass coupler is adjustable to any windshield angle and can be installed on the rear, front, or side of the vehicle. The antenna uses automotive-grade glass adhesive, which eliminates the need to drill holes through the vehicle or run cables through window openings.

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AutoLink – Aftermarket Safety Device

Danlaw’s AutoLink OBU can be easily installed in any vehicle. AutoLink collects real-time driving information from other vehicles and roadside equipment, and generates predictive insights to provide 360-degree situational awareness for enhanced safety applications.

Connected Insights for Pilots

AutoLink is built to provide a variety of connected vehicle functions and seamlessly integrate into V2X pilot programs using C-V2X or DSRC radios.

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Let's Talk About Safety

V2X technology enables cars to relay real-time information about their location and heading to prevent traffic collisions.

Join the Mobility Movement

Reduce traffic congestion, shorten drive times, reduce emissions, and improve the overall transportation environment.

Shift into High Gear with V2X

Your drivers receive all the capabilities of the acclaimed Danlaw OBD-II DataLogger, plus the safety benefits of V2V and V2I applications, including:

  • Forward Collision Warning

  • Intersection Movement Assistance

  • Emergency Electronic Brake Lights Warning

  • Left Turn Assist

  • Control Loss Warning

  • Blind Spot & Lane Change Warning

  • Emergency Communications & Evacuation Information

  • Pedestrian Warning

  • Icy Road Warning

  • 150+ Modules

Are You Ready to Get Connected?

Talk to Danlaw about the opportunities and pilots that are running with our V2X technology.

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