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Functional Testing

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Test Benches

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Test Automation

Need Help Getting Your Testing Done?

We know your embedded software gets more complicated every day. Testing early and often is the key to delivering high-quality software on time and on budget. With our broad domain experience and proven processes, we can help you innovate new solutions for testing to meet your goals.

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Automotive Network Conformance

Our customers rely on our expertise for critical ECU conformance testing. Leverage our experience in the latest OEM specifications for all communication layers: physical, data link, network management, node management, diagnostics, and application.

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General Motors

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SAE LIN J2602-2

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Independent Generic Global Diagnostics Specification (GGDS)

Testing and Verification (Ford ITV)

Ford ITV

Supporting the Vehicle Network Certification (FVNC) program

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This verification and validation service provides top-to-bottom Ford ITV coverage and traceability for the following:

  • CAN Multiplex (MUX) ECU Level Testing (FNOS)
  • General Diagnostic Specification (GDS) Compliance Testing
  • Generic Global Diagnostic Specification (GGDS) Compliance Testing
  • Design Verification Plan Review and Results (DVP&R) Auditing

Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity Fuzz Testing is quickly becoming the most important new requirements ECU suppliers must meet for their OEM. Danlaw has all the network architecture knowledge and tools to quickly identify the main vulnerabilities of an ECU through penetration testing based on your required specifications, including J3061 or GM CG4579.

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ECU Functional Testing

Danlaw knows that a module is only successful when it works with the whole vehicle. Starting with the right hardware (or software) to emulate the vehicle environment first, creates a successful platform to test at all stages of development.

  • Embedded software verification and validation from component level to sub-system level testing for ECU type
  • AUTOSAR – component, integration, and system testing
  • Active and Passive Safety
  • ECU functional requirements testing, white-box, black-box, coverage, integration
  • Generating and proving Automotive SPICE artifacts
  • ISO 26262/ASIL verification

Test Benches

Need a solution to test out the kinks in your ECU’s embedded software?

Danlaw has built thousands of test benches for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers that provide a vehicle-like environment to test ECUs. These custom-designed and built test benches use hardware suited to your rigerous testing needs, whether functional, performance, or stability.

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Leverage our knowledge of vehicle architecture, OEM relationships and optimized designs to deliver complex customer-facing systems on time.

Looking for a portable solution? Consider a custom suitcase tester

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Test Labs

Automated testing is a great baseline, but Danlaw’s experience points to two core activities that are even better to get you ‘to launch’: Stability Testing and Validation and Integration Testing.

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Stability Testing

The need to prove product features hold up over time over a wide range of tests is our speciality. Danlaw has years of operating stability tests labs at our facilities with proven results.

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Validation & Integration Testing

Number of tests per session is not as important as performing freestyle testing to uncover those ‘spaces in-between’. We specialize in finding those gaps to improve your quality.

Danlaw has hundreds of man years invested in operating validation labs at our facilities on behalf of large automotive OEMs. Let us show you the short-term engineering returns, and long term impact on both on warranty costs and brand image.

Test Automation

Want to create your own solution? Our MxSuite Test Automation platform is the easiest and quickest way to help you achieve your goals.

  • No programming required with test case portability
  • Support through the development cycle – MIL, SIL, PIL, and HIL
  • A solution for Functional Safety, Infotainment, AUTOSAR and more
  • Connects to most existing test hardware

Benefits Of Working With Danlaw

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Worry-Free Deployment

Your system features will be tested with measured and confirmed performance, stability and stress-handling.

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Reduced Development Costs

We minimize field failures through advanced identification and characterization of defects or user-experience issues.

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Assured Quality

Your customer’s experience is maximized by functional and performance coverage testing of individual components.

Does Quality Matter to You?

It sure matters to us. Talk to our team to find out how we can meet your testing goals.

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