DataLogger is the most reliable OBD2 device


Millions of Devices, Billions of Miles

Numbers don’t lie. Danlaw is the largest producer of OBDII devices because we deliver the best product in the world.

Built to Automotive Standards

Automotive standards are demanding. For more than three decades, we’ve engineered, manufactured, and tested embedded software, electronics, and vehicle network communications for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

We’ve designed and built DataLogger to exceed these standards. We’ve tested it thoroughly with billions of miles of vehicle data collected from one of the largest cross-sections of vehicles in the world. So when we say you’re getting the best device on the market, you can hold us to that.

How it Works

DataLogger is an IoT gadget that securely collects and transmits vehicle and sensor data to your platform via a cellular or Bluetooth™ connection.

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Real-Time Reporting

Provide prompt services and assistance using real-time information.

Most Compatible

We’re so confident in our ability to provide a compatible device (98% of cars on the road in America) that we’ve built a database for you to check first.

Smallest in its Class

DataLogger is designed to install easily and unobtrusively in any car’s OBD2 port.


Datalogger is proudly designed and engineered in the USA.

DataLogger is an Enterprise-Class Device

We meet the demands of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, so we know how to deliver unfailing quality on a large scale. DataLogger’s reliability and compatibility mean no issues for you, so you get to market faster.

Bluetooth BLE And Cellular Connectivity

Two methods for transmitting data gives you cost-effective options.

Fully Certified

FCC, Sprint, AT&T, Rogers … DataLogger can transmit across any network.

Proprietary Anti-Tampering Technology

DataLogger can detect unauthorized manipulation of its hardware or its use to prevent data and safety compromises.

Secure Data Transmission

The most overlooked component of connected car is the security of the data and the car from which it was transmitted. Danlaw has gone to extraordinary measures to protect both.

Learn How DataLogger Can Work for You

Use the most reliable OBD2 device on the market to make the story of every ride better.

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