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It's Time to Evolve

The future of automotive is changing with the advancement of electric and autonomous vehicles. We’re here every step of the way providing access to the manufacturing of high-end electronics.

Electric Vehicle Charging

charge port lamp

Charge Port Lamp

The EV Charge Port (CP) Lamp provides visual information on the status of battery recharging. Our charge port lamp utilizes multi-color LEDs, programmed to indicate the following status conditions: Cable connection state, active charging state, and other customer defined states.

Charge Port Switches

Danlaw has extensive experience with design, validation testing and manufacturing of automotive switches. Our CP switch has been designed to allow access to the vehicle’s charging port under all weather conditions.

charge port switch

PTC Heaters

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) cabin heaters for hybrid and electric vehicles are a lightweight solution which provide rapid, self-regulating, and noiseless warming of the cabin, in addition to the defrosting of the windshield. We manufacture both liquid and air PTC’s, as well as coolant-based thin-film heater options for different customer specifications.

PTC heater

Control Modules & Switches

Our power closure systems allow the controlled movement of sliding doors, liftgates, windows, and trunk lids. Danlaw has the tools, design, and manufacturing to get you to meet today’s complex system needs. We focus our efforts on R&D to stay ahead of rapidly changing industry needs in an increasingly connected world.


Carpet & Interior Ambient Lighting

Danlaw’s lighting techniques provide the stylish design that your customers expect in their new vehicles. White and RGB LED lighting and innovative light pipe design offer countless ways to express your brand.


Shift-By-Wire PRNDL

Danlaw’s shift-by-wire PRNDL electronically communicates between the driver’s input and the transmission system of the car. The gearshifts happen according to the throttle response of the driver. Danlaw’s shift-by-wire technology ensures smooth shifts between gears.

capacitive touch screen

Capacitive Touch Integration

Increase consumer convenience with capacitive touch technology. Danlaw can integrate this capability directly into manufactured plastics for functions such as door lock/unlock, touch screens, and other HMI applications.

Stand Out in the Studio

Recent research shows that upgrades such as interior ambient lighting intensifies space perception and enhances the perceived quality of materials and design. If you want something unique, talk to us about our manufacturing solutions.

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