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Bold Electronics

Innovative Interior Electronics and Lighting

The interior of a vehicle communicates the quality of your brand. Today’s car buyers demand stylish interiors with modern features. To meet this demand, Danlaw has pioneered backlit hidden-front technology that enhances the driving experience. Danlaw applies this technology to the manufacturing of high-end interior electronics, including shift indicators, HVAC control modules, switches, and controls.

Backlit Hidden-Front Technology

Danlaw’s lighting capability introduces a new trend in interior automotive design. Hidden-front surfaces designed by Danlaw are completely smooth and dark until triggered, when the light instantly shines through. Let our illumination design expertise help you to create a truly unique brand experience with this modern technology.

You Style It, We’ll Create It

Danlaw can incorporate backlighting under a variety of luxury Class-A surfaces.
Choose the finish the best fits your branding.

Piano Black

The powerful statement of a black interior is heightened to elegance by the high gloss of piano black. Dominate the newest trend in interior surfaces with this sleek look.


The reflectivity of chrome draws attention to details of your car’s interior. Use chrome to highlight unique interior features and reflect the personality of your customer.

Wood Veneer

The ultimate expression of luxury and sophistication, wood grain is reminiscent of auto’s glory days. Upgrade your interior aesthetic with the classiest of Class-A surfaces.

HVAC Controls and Switches

Danlaw is a global provider of efficient HVAC control units and electronics switches. Our HVAC control manufacturing capabilities consist of single and multiple zone, manual and automatic units. Danlaw also offers superior interior electronics, including window, mirror, and multi-function steering wheel controls.

Capacitive Touch Integration

Increase consumer convenience with capacitive touch technology. Danlaw can integrate this capability directly into manufactured plastics for functions such as door lock/unlock, touch screens, and other HMI applications.

Interior Ambient Lighting

Danlaw’s lighting techniques provide the stylish design that your customers expect
in their new vehicles. White and RGB LED lighting and innovative light pipe design offer countless ways to express your brand.

Elegant Look and Finish

Striking style is all about the quality of your materials. We start with the best for a polished final product.

High Performance and Durability

Our specialty plastics utilize UV curing for superior mar and scratch resistance.

Globally Produced

Danlaw’s global locations make it easy to fulfill orders of any size from anywhere around the world.

Stand Out in the Studio

Recent research shows that upgrades such as interior ambient lighting intensifies space perception and enhances the perceived quality of materials and design. If you want something unique in your model’s interior, talk to Danlaw about our stylish solutions.

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