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Limitless Vehicle Monitoring with DataLogger

With over 4 million DataLoggers in the field, Danlaw is recognized as the industry leader of connected car technology for collecting, hosting, and managing applications of automotive data. We translate our experiences into marketable products and services for automotive-related industries. DataLogger is the preferred technology solution for insurance, fleet, and dealership service telematics. Working closely with industry and government experts has earned Danlaw top marks with the USDOT for its DSRC certification and state-level Road Usage Charging (RUC) programs.

V2X – Vehicle-to-Everything

Danlaw’s V2X technology enables vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P), and vehicle-to-network (V2N) communications using DSRC and cellular technology to provide a myriad of safety and convenience features. This technology provides vehicles access to improved active safety, optimal traffic efficiency, and increased situational awareness. Team up with Danlaw to create safer, more efficient travel for the over 250 million vehicles on the road today.

The promise of V2X has arrived

Enhanced vehicle safety, traffic management, and connected cloud services converge through V2X to create a better driving experience.
Danlaw’s success is built on a decade of connecting cars to infrastructure for big data, usage based insurance, fleet management, service shops, road usage charging, and dealership management. Your vehicles will get all the capabilities of the acclaimed Danlaw DataLogger, plus the safety benefits of V2X applications. Danlaw has connected over 4 million vehicles globally.

V2X Partner of Choice

  • Member of the 5GAA
  • USDOT DSRC Certification
  • New York City DOT
  • Florida DOT
  • Wyoming DOT

Danlaw’s V2X Expertise

  • V2X Hardware Development
  • V2X Software Development
  • V2X Simulation Testing
  • DSRC Certification Testing
  • V2X Antenna Solutions
  • V2X Communication Stack
  • DataLogger & Gateway

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