Drive Your Career

Join our global team of innovators from diverse cultures and traditions.
Explore new challenges every day in a collaborative environment where ideas are encouraged and initiative is rewarded.

Discover Your Career

Family First

At Danlaw, we are all about family.
We treat you and your family like our own.

Supporting You as a Person

  • New Moms

    We offer paid maternity leave to all of our new moms.

  • Family Time

    Time off for family needs, vacations, or just a family day.

  • Kids

    Need to bring your kid in during a meeting? No problem! We understand the needs of families.

  • Insurance

    Quality insurance options that actually cover you and your family.

Company Camaraderie

We love to have fun together!

The Fun Things in Life

  • Trips

    Kayaking down the Huron River – Check!

  • Outings

    Lazer tag on a Friday afternoon – Check!

  • Games

    Ping pong sessions in our warehouse – Check!

  • Food

    Company breakfast served every Friday – Check!

A Place to Grow

Danlaw encourages personal and
professional development

Opportunities for You

  • Training

    Whether it’s pairing you with a mentor, or sending you to conferences in Vegas, we strive to provide all our employees with the skills they need to rock their jobs.

  • Collaboration

    We embrace a team mentality, and we truly believe that working together makes us all better individually.

  • Development

    As you develop personally, more opportunities open up. Learn new skills and be the best you can be.

  • Peer Reviews

    We want to get better together. Get feedback, receive affirmation, and climb that ladder!


We want you to be healthy and happy.

Only the best for our people

  • Health Insurance

    Some of the best insurance we could find for our number one asset, you.

  • Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance that makes sure you keep that beautiful smile.

  • Your time

    Everyone needs a mental health day, with no need to worry about work.

  • Retirement Planning

    After a long and illustrious career here, we want you to retire in style, so we offer a generous 401K package.