The Scoop on Technical Staffing

Are you feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? Your work-life has probably changed dramatically over the last few months. From a business perspective, most departments have had to make fundamental changes to their processes and strategies. This is especially true for HR teams because of the direct responsibility they have for current and prospective employees.

To mitigate the financial strain of the coronavirus outbreak, some companies have been forced to implement layoffs, while others have had to recruit in masses to meet the heightened demand for their products. With unpredictable staffing needs, pressing deadlines, and hundreds of resumes pouring in - staffing your company could quickly become an HR nightmare.

Fortunately, Danlaw's technical staffing experts are here to help move your projects forward. We'll put the right technical resources in place to augment your team and expand your engineering capabilities. Find the best fit for your workplace in the infographic below or start the conversation now by sending us a message.


Let's Get Started!

If you want to accelerate your project timeline, lower costs, and emerge resilient from COVID-19, then partner up with Danlaw. Contact us to set up a 30-minute consultation - our staffing experts are ready to shift your project into high gear.

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