Rapita Systems, a Danlaw Company, Launches Software Verification Services

Rapita Systems announced the launch of its Software Verification Services, which are designed to reduce the cost involved in testing critical software in the aerospace industry.

By leveraging its established tools for on-target testing, experience in test development and analysis, in-depth process knowledge, and the expertise of its parent company Danlaw Inc., Rapita now provides services including:

  • Peforming gap analysis and streamlining DO-178B/C processes
  • Reviewing requirements
  • Setting up test environments
  • Developing and executing tests
  • System, integration and unit testing
  • White box and black box testing
  • Conformance and compatibility testing
  • On-host and on-target testing
  • Achieving DO-178B/C verification objectives
  • Structural code coverage
  • Timing and scheduling
  • Additional verification services
  • Training

To date, Rapita has successfully performed a range of software verification activities and related consultancy work for a number of aerospace customers. Rapita's Software Verification Service are now being made generally available, supporting customers worldwide from Rapita's offices in the UK and USA, and projects with confidentiality requirements such as US-eyes only.

Rapita looks forward to speaking to both new and existing customers about its exciting new offering.