MxSuite Automates Back-to-Back Testing from Simulation Models to On-Target Code

NOVI, MICHIGAN (February 22, 2018) – MxSuite, Danlaw’s embedded systems test platform, now offers a back-to-back testing solution between MathWorks Simulink models and Lauterbach TRACE32 emulators. By using the same test tool and the same test cases in both environments, equivalence between the model and its generated C code is easily demonstrated, eliminating the effort of creating a second suite of tests for the target environment. Further, the effort in achieving ISO 26262 compliance is noticeably reduced:

  • By comprehensively testing the generated code, the need to qualify the code generator for ISO 26262 is eliminated.

  • According to the ISO 26262-6 Road Vehicle – Functional Safety specification “the test environment for the software unit testing shall correspond as closely as possible to the target environment.” Through back-to-back testing, the effort devoted to testing on the target is virtually eliminated.

  • ISO 26262-6 recommends performing code coverage measurements. Mx-Suite leverages Danlaw’s RapiCover code coverage tool to transparently automate the capture of MC/DC code coverage statistics, while tests are executing on the TRACE32 emulation target platform.

“When qualifying a software development tool chain for ISO 26262 every component of the tool chain has to be addressed. By using MxSuite for MiL, SiL, HiL and now PiL, the qualification effort is drastically reduced. In addition, by reusing test cases between MiL and PiL the need to qualify the code generator can be eliminated.” said Michael McCormack, Danlaw’s Director of Development.

Teaming up with the world’s largest In-circuit Emulator (ICE) company, Lauterbach, provides MxSuite customers with the best solution to streamline their ISO 26262 compliance.

“TRACE32 offers comprehensive support for automotive processors coupled with powerful debug and trace features that allow a seamless transition to on-target testing. Testing can start on development platforms or make use of virtual targets before the first hardware prototypes are available. By combining Mx-Suite with TRACE32 our customers can reap the benefits of early on-target testing: detecting errors early and reducing the time to market”, said Stephan Lauterbach, General Manager of Lauterbach.

Join us for a demo of this solution at Embedded World 2018, Hall 4, Stand 4-157, February 27 - March 1, in Nuremberg, Germany.

About Danlaw

Danlaw is a global leader in connected car and automotive electronics. For over thirty years, our family of 800 people have lived, breathed, and created innovative technology for some of the world’s largest car makers. We focus our efforts on R&D to stay ahead of rapidly changing industry needs in an increasingly connected world. Danlaw is known for ground-breaking technology, efficient development, and adaptive solutions for dynamic environments. Our Engineering Solutions Group provides solutions and tools for embedded systems development including testing Embedded Control Units (ECUs) and V2X applications. RapiCover is a Rapita Systems tool - a Danlaw company that provides their on-target software verification tools and services globally to the embedded development market.

About Lauterback

Lauterbach is the leading manufacturer of complete, modular and upgradeable microprocessor development tools worldwide with experience in the field of embedded designs since 1979. It is an international, well-established company with blue chip customers in every corner of the globe and has a close working relationship with all semiconductor manufacturers. At the headquarters in Höhenkirchen, near Munich, the engineering team develops and produces highly proficient and specialized Development Tools, which are utilized all over the world under the brand TRACE32®. Our branch offices exist in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Tunisia, on the east and west coasts of the United States, Japan and China. Highly qualified sales and support engineers are also available in many other countries.

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