ITS Michigan Webinar Series: Danlaw’s V2X Traffic Signal Pre-emption Application

This webinar was hosted by Danlaw, Inc., as part of a monthly webinar series presented by the Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan.

Danlaw's ITS Project Manager, Hassen Alwalie, presents a new life-saving V2X application - Traffic Signal Pre-Emption. By integrating a V2X network into existing traffic infrastructure and emergency vehicles, municipalities can improve safety, reduce emergency response times, and save lives. Stay tuned to learn more.

Meet the Speaker

Hassen Alwalie joined Danlaw in 2019, bringing extensive experience in traffic engineering and V2X systems development. As ITS Project Manager, Hassen is a key traffic engineering resource for Danlaw's V2X initiatives nationwide.

If you have any questions about the contents of the webinar or Danlaw's V2X systems, please contact Hassen at

About ITS Michigan

Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan (ITS Michigan) is dedicated to Improving the safety, security and efficiency of the state's transportation system for the traveling public through the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). ITS Michigan is a state chapter of ITS America. ITS Michigan members include private corporations, public agencies, academic institutions, research centers and more.

About Danlaw

Danlaw is a global leader in connected car technology and automotive electronics. We focus our efforts on research and development to create intelligent solutions for an increasingly connected world. Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing mobility by driving innovation and bringing people together.