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Embedded Systems Testing Services

Proven Results for Your Bottom Line

We know your embedded software gets more complicated every day. Testing early and often is the key to delivering high-quality software on time and within budget. With our broad domain experience and proven processes, we can help you innovate a new solution for testing to meet your goals.

Automotive Network Conformance

Danlaw test engineers have experience testing devices to the latest OEM specifications for all communication layers, including OEM-specific GM Global-B, FCA 7z-series, and Toyota TCS222G.


Cybersecurity Fuzz Testing is quickly becoming the most important new requirements ECU suppliers have to meet. Danlaw has all the network architecture knowledge and tools to quickly identify the main vulnerabilities of an ECU through penetration testing based on your required specifications, including GM CG4579.

Functional Testing

An ECU is only successful when it works with the whole vehicle, so we start with the right hardware (or software) to emulate that environment. We then provide embedded software verification and validation from component level to sub-system level testing. This included AUTOSAR components, coverage, integration, and ISO 26262 verification.

Test Benches & Test Labs

Specializing in Infotainment Testing, Danlaw designs and outfits turnkey solutions for validating all ECUs. Our automated and manned labs test component ECUs, multiple ECUs, or complete systems. We also built numerous test benches for OEMs and Tier-1s at an affordable price.

Verification & Validation Tools

Support for Do-It-Yourselfers

Danlaw has a complete suite of embedded software testing tools. Our dedicated Technical Support team will help you get started and stay on track.


MxSuite Embedded Software Test Automation

MxSuite is the most comprehensive platform for software verification and validation. Its intuitive graphical interface and reports can be understood by anyone in the organization. MxSuite streamlines the complete software development cycle by reusing requirement-based tests during Model-based analysis and design (MIL), Software component development (SIL), Rapid prototyping target development (PIL), and on-target ECU testing (HIL).


Rapita Verification Suite

Rapita Systems, a Danlaw company, offers a suite of test tools used for timing analysis, structural coverage analysis, and unit/systems testing. Proven in the Aerospace industry, multi-core timing solutions are readily available.

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If you want to accelerate growth, drive customer retention, and emerge resilient from COVID-19, then partner up with Danlaw. Contact us to set up a 30-minute demo of our embedded systems testing software, we’ll help you meet your testing goals.

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