GEN 2 DataLogger – Ultra Compact Design based on Telit GSM Technology

Danlaw, Inc. Introduces Second Generation Ultra-compact OBDII DataLogger based on Telit GSM/GPRS Cellular Module Technology

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Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services and Danlaw Incorporated a global company dedicated to the engineering, manufacturing and testing of embedded software, electronics and vehicle network communications, today announced that Danlaw’s DL750 includes Telit’s ultra-compact GSM/GPRS cellular module, the GE865-QUAD. The product is a self-contained consumer installable data collection device. Danlaw and Telit who cooperated in a number of products before, are now expanding connected automotive DataLoggers into new and existing application areas including insurance (UBI and PAYD), teen tracking, loyalty programs, fleet tracking, mobile resource management (MRM), roadside assistance, vehicle diagnostics, and government & military.

The new DL750 is a second-generation OBDII plug-n-go product with a number of market-anticipated enhancements. The product uses Telit’s GE865-QUAD module, which is fully certified by U.S. mobile network operators. Telit also collaborated closely with Danlaw to ensure the DataLogger is FCC, PTCRB and carrier approved when it arrives in the market.

The new DL750 incorporates feature sets designed to address specific application area requirements including driver-scoring apps, ticket forgiveness monitoring, accident forgiveness monitoring and roadside assistance. It is packaged in an ultra-compact enclosure measuring 43 mm x 46 mm x 23 mm. It is enhanced with features including, hybrid & electric vehicle support, enhanced three-axis accelerometer and assisted A-GPS. These enhanced features are aggregated to a solid base-feature set which includes self-contained enclosure – no external antennas, ignition ON/OFF detection, cost effective data transmission, three-axis accelerometer with 13-bit sampling, self-normalizing accelerometer, 50-channel GPS with A-GPS support, over-the-air re-flash (FOTA), enhanced anti-tampering and real-time event capture & transmission.

The GE865-QUAD is the ideal solution for embedded cellular applications where small size and energy efficiency are crucial. Measuring only 22mm x 22mm x 3mm, the GE865-QUAD is significantly smaller than most cellular modules in the industry. It features a better power consumption profile than previous Telit modules and the majority of current competing products. Because of its extremely compact form factor and a rich set of features, including an on-board Python interpreter, it is well positioned for vertical application areas such as telemetry, mobile asset tracking telematics and telemedicine.

“Danlaw’s OBDII DataLoggers are very friendly for the consumer market as a zero-installation device,” said Mike Ueland, senior vice president and general manager of Telit Wireless Solutions North America. “Danlaw leveraged their experience with the first generation product and designed a superb feature-packed device based on our GE865-QUAD.”

“Danlaw’s goal is to provide its clients with the industry’s best, proven automotive grade, self-installed, OBDII, wireless communication device for monitoring, logging and transmitting key vehicle performance messages and position data,” said Mike Carroll, vice president sales of Danlaw. “Many of Danlaw’s insurance and fleet telematics clients require a quality of service that ensures a consistent and timely delivery of vehicle and position information to their backend servers. The DL750 meets this need and more.”

About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM listed under Telit Communications PLC), is a global enabler of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications providing cellular, short range and positioning module products; and through its business unit m2mAIR, M2M managed and value added services, including connectivity. Telit is M2M’s top one-stop-shop offering synergistic hardware and value added services bundles. With over 12 years exclusively in M2M, the company constantly advances technology through six R&D centers around the globe; and markets products and services in over 80 countries.

About Danlaw

Danlaw Inc.’s 300+ engineering professionals have been providing cloud-based, connected vehicle telematics solutions and embedded electronics to OEM’s and their Tier-1 supply base for over 29 years.  Danlaw has global reach with facilities in the USA, UK, India and China.  Danlaw’s specialty areas include telematics, infotainment, vehicle network communications, embedded systems development, testing and manufacturing. Their customers include automotive insurance and fleet companies,  automotive OEMs and suppliers, worldwide.

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