Danlaw’s Telematics Device Brings Universal Connectivity

Leading companies around the world have become increasingly reliant on consistent vehicle connectivity, leveraging data from their fleet and customer cars to create new, profitable applications. The rapid advancement of connected vehicle technology has unlocked opportunities for businesses to collect driving data and accelerate connected car services. Danlaw’s newest telematics device, the DCM970 DataLogger, enables cost-optimized data transmission anytime, anywhere in North America via 4G-LTE, 3G, Bluetooth, and WiFi connections.

Companies can easily install a DataLogger device in older fleet and consumer vehicles, transforming cars into data hubs which collect vehicle and driving information. The data can be used to equip cars with modern connectivity features, like accident detection, traffic avoidance, improved gas mileage, and remote diagnostics for potential engine trouble.

Danlaw’s new DataLogger 970 delivers an always connected experience between vehicles, smartphones, and WiFi infrastructure. The device sends data to cloud-based or backend servers through the business’s chosen communication channel. Whether a company requires a continuous connection via 4G-LTE networks with 3G fallback, or connectivity exclusively through cost-effective WiFi and Bluetooth channels, the DataLogger 970 ensures that vehicle and driving information is always available.

The DataLogger 970’s built-in back-up power is designed for companies that require dependable connectivity and data transmission, like fleet, insurance, and car rental agencies. The device’s back-up power ensures the success of data-critical telematics programs, by enabling real time data capture and transmission, even during a crash event or sudden loss of power.

“Our mission is to make cars safer, smarter, and more connected; and our newest DataLogger model does just that,” said Tom Rzeznik, Danlaw’s President & CEO. “By using the latest cellular network and smartphone technology, the DataLogger 970 provides our customers with high quality vehicle data, universal connectivity, and cost-optimized data transmission. This will drive the development of new and more advanced connected car applications for our customers.”

About Danlaw

Danlaw is a global leader in connected car technology and automotive electronics. We focus our efforts on research and development to create intelligent solutions for an increasingly connected world. Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing mobility by driving innovation and bringing people together.

Click here to view the DataLogger DCM970 datasheet for more technical information.