Danlaw appoints CEO of BitBrew to deliver Advanced Connected Platform Leveraging Edge Compute, 5G and AI/ML

NOVI, Mich., March 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Danlaw is pleased to announce that Krishna Guda has recently joined Danlaw's Connected Vehicle team to lead the rapid growth and development activities of its BitBrew IoT connected platform initiative. This step is aimed at expanding Danlaw's position as a market leader in connected vehicle technology, and to drive further expansion into the global Internet of Things (IoT) market. Mr. Guda's deep knowledge and experience with building highly scalable solutions incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and edge computing, coupled with Danlaw's industry leading networked vehicle communication technology, are expected to dramatically enhance the capability of the BitBrew platform. These enhancements include fulfilling the current needs of Danlaw's customers looking for an end-to-end solution supporting device and connectivity management, Data as a Service (DaaS), and secure Over the Air (OTA) updates, with a goal of producing industry leading cognitive outcomes for connected car applications. The Connected Platform from BitBrew will be made available on a distributed architecture with built-in SDKs and prebuilt apps, enabling clients with the ability to build their own applications and analytics for customer specific use cases.

"I am extremely excited to see that Danlaw recognizes the value of 5G, high-speed, low latency network connectivity and its applicability to the future of electric and connected autonomous vehicles (EVs/CAVs) and edge computing," said Krishna Guda, CEO of BitBrew. "Furthermore, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to apply my experience and industry insights to help Danlaw and BitBrew to create and deliver new and innovative platform services to meet the diverse needs of the connected vehicle ecosystem."

Krishna is a Silicon Valley innovator who has served in variety of CXO roles, helping organizations develop intelligent and value-added solutions. His operational excellence combined with a 360˚ approach to scaling up companies to meet complex customer requirements, has helped entrepreneurial and large enterprises to exceed their stakeholder's value creation expectations. Mr. Guda has over 25 years of proven experience in the automotive, EV, manufacturing, supply-chain, retail, and financial services industries. His credentials include a master's degree in engineering physics, Japanese Manufacturing Association (JMA) certification, and Management Certification from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.

"We are delighted to have Krishna join our great team of innovators in the Danlaw connected vehicle family," said Raju Dandu, Danlaw's Founder and Chairman. "Krishna's extensive industry experience will help us to accelerate our BitBrew, connected vehicle platform development and deployment for our automotive industry partners."

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About Danlaw

Danlaw is a global leader in connected car technology and automotive electronics. We focus our efforts on research and development to create intelligent solutions for an increasingly connected world. Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing mobility by driving innovation and bringing people together.

The 300+ Danlaw engineering professionals have been providing automotive embedded electronics solutions to OEMs and their tier-1 supply base for over 37 years. Danlaw has facilities in the USA, India, and China. Danlaw specializes in embedded systems development and testing for embedded control units (ECUs), vehicle network communications, infotainment, and telematics. Customers include automotive OEMs, electronics suppliers, fleet, and automotive insurance companies worldwide.

About BitBrew

BitBrew is an Internet of Vehicles (IoV) platform that delivers your connected vehicle data. We transmit structured data in low latency, enabling developers to create mobility apps of the future. Our platform includes intuitive device management, over-the-air device updates, and clustered services to allow for high data integrity and availability.