Best Company to Work for Award in Novi

Danlaw, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the 2014 Novi Business Recognition Award for the Best Place to Work.  This award is given to Novi businesses that demonstrate superior service to customers and community in a cost-effective manner, while also demonstrating a commitment to high standards of customer service to its staff, customer relationships and service to the community.

Danlaw’s success is owed to the positive working environment the company and its hardworking employees have created.  Danlaw’s Novi, Michigan office focuses on supporting the needs of its employees through providing a comfortable, open and energetic environment, decorated with bright vibrant colors and features artwork created by its employees and local Michigan artists.  The company is known in the Detroit Metro area as a company that promotes healthy living, by providing industry leading health benefits and encouraging employees to lead healthy and active lives.  Danlaw goes above and beyond for its employees by creating a positive work environment that continues to foster creativity, cooperation and communication throughout the entire organization.

Danlaw’s co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Raju Dandu noted, “Corporate citizenship and integrity in business practices are key to a healthy community, and Danlaw is pleased to be a part of Michigan’s ongoing efforts to make Michigan a great place to work, live and enjoy life.

About Danlaw

Danlaw’s 350+ engineering professionals have been providing connected vehicle telematics solutions and embedded electronics to OEM’s and their Tier-1 supply base for over 31 years.  Danlaw has global reach with offices in the USA, UK, India and China.  Danlaw’s specialty areas include telematics, infotainment, vehicle network communications, embedded systems development, testing and manufacturing. Its customers include automotive insurance and fleet companies, automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers, worldwide.