Life-Saving Emergency Services Powered by C-V2X

Danlaw, Inc. recently presented at Qualcomm's C-V2X Virtual Summit, an event which featured a variety of C-V2X deployments designed to improve driving safety and traffic efficiency.

Danlaw's V2X Program Manager, Andrew Donaldson, demonstrated the importance of a new V2X application - Traffic Signal Preemption. This application allows first responders to move through an intersection safely and unimpeded by changing the status of an upcoming traffic signal. The video below demonstrates how Traffic Signal Preemption improves safety, reduces emergency response times, and saves lives.

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About Danlaw

Danlaw is a global leader in connected car technology and automotive electronics. We focus our efforts on research and development to create intelligent solutions for an increasingly connected world. Our team is dedicated to revolutionizing mobility by driving innovation and bringing people together.

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