Danlaw ITS Manager Leads OmniAir’s New Sub-Group on V2X Application Testing

V2X technology has become an integral facet of smart-city ecosystems and automotive innovation - improving road safety and boosting driving efficiency for individuals and municipalities alike. As new V2X safety applications continue to emerge, testing and certifying these applications before they reach the market is critical.

To address this need, OmniAir Consortium has founded a new V2X Application Testing Sub-Group within its existing Technical Working Group, which drives the development of V2X certification tests by leveraging the expertise of its industry leaders. The Sub-Group will take into account OmniAir's existing standards for V2X certification in order to identify and develop conformance bench and field testing requirements for critical safety applications (including Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption, Left Turn Assist, Forward Crash Warning, to name a few).

“With the increasing number vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I), and vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) applications, there is a growing need for testing and certification,” said Jason Conley Executive Director, OmniAir Consortium.  “OmniAir’s new V2X Application Testing Initiative aimed at addressing this critical need.”

Hassen Alwalie, Danlaw's ITS Project Manager, was elected Chair of the Sub-Group based on his extensive experience developing traffic pre-emption signal timings and his unique ability to bridge the gap between the automotive and ITS industries. 

"With OmniAir's support, our group is hoping to make a significant contribution to the future of V2X application interoperability," said Hassen. "I look forward to working closely with the team to explore new possibilities for application conformance testing".

The V2X Application Testing Sub-Group will kick-off on Thursday, April 30 during Lone Star Plugfest in Austin, Texas. Hassen is currently recruiting volunteers with the requisite expertise and experience to contribute to the V2X Application Testing Sub-Group. The Sub-Group is specifically seeking V2X engineers, software experts, and representatives from automotive OEMs, device manufacturers, municipalities, test labs, and test equipment vendors. For more information please reach out to Hassen or Kate Oldham, OmniAir's Sr. Director of Meetings & Membership.

About Danlaw

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About OmniAir

OmniAir Consortium is the leading industry association promoting interoperability and certification in ITS, tolling, connected vehicles. OmniAir’s membership includes public agencies, private companies, research institutions and independent test laboratories.