Danlaw Has Earned Corp! Magazine’s 2017 Diversity Award!

Corp! Magazine’s 2017 Diversity Award celebrates Michigan businesses and leaders who have displayed significant achievement in diversity within their organizations and community. Corp! Magazine recognizes Diversity-Focused Companies, which clearly define and monitor diversity success and demonstrates how diversity efforts add value to the company.

Danlaw is honored to be recognized as a Diversity-Focused Company in 2017. As Tom Rzeznik, Danlaw’s CEO, stated, “Diversity isn’t a buzzword at our company; it’s part of who we are and it makes our company stronger. When different viewpoints, approaches, and worldviews come together in a safe and welcoming environment, it fosters growth for our employees and for our company through the exchange of ideas.”

This award is an important accomplishment for Danlaw and we are truly humbled to have earned our place among other companies that value diversity as highly as we do. We will continue to recognize diversity in our offices and prioritize hiring and retaining a diverse group of talented employees.

Link to Full Article: https://www.corpmagazine.com/2017-diversity-awards-bring-to-light-those-who-embrace-the-best-in-us-all/