Danlaw’s DSRC Conformance Tester Earns OmniAir Certification

Danlaw is pleased to announce that its MxDSRC™ conformance test system has been approved as a Qualified Test Equipment (QTE) for OmniAir Consortium’s Connected Vehicle Certification Program. This program defined the scope, test cases, and templates for technical documents based on the SAE and IEEE specifications, utilizing the DSRC 5.9 GHz radio spectrum assigned by the FCC for vehicle safety and other mobility applications. Achieving this critical testing milestone ensures quality and standards-based conformance for the validation activities of the USDOT Intelligent Transportation Systems’ Joint Program Office in support of their Connected Vehicle Pilot Deployment Program and other near-term projects.

MxDSRC will be used by automotive OEMs and suppliers for testing their DSRC devices, and by major testing laboratories that provide certification services for DSRC devices. Current customers of MxDSRC including 7layers, DEKRA, Intertek Group PLC, and UL LLC will have their systems available at the upcoming Plugfest By the Bay on October 16-20.

“Obtaining OmniAir qualification highlights the confidence that our customers have shown in our products and services,” said Andrew Donaldson, Program Manager - Connected Vehicles, at Danlaw. “The MxDSRC system ensures that DSRC devices meet industry standard requirements, as well as provide interoperability in the field.”

“Adding Danlaw’s MxDSRC test equipment to our line-up of Qualified Test Equipment brings us one step closer to realizing the public safety benefits that connected and autonomous vehicles will bring to our roadways,” said Jason Conley, Executive Director, OmniAir. “With this system in place, OmniAir will officially launch our device certification program to members beginning October 16.”

The MxDSRC test system, based on Danlaw’s MxSuite embedded test automation tool, focuses on verifying protocol conformance and RF quality to the current baseline standards (i.e., SAE J2945/1, IEEE 802.11, IEEE 1609.2, IEEE 1609.3, and IEEE 1609.4.) developed for V2X applications. In addition to protocol testing, the next step is to enable vehicle-level drive simulation and testing using the MxDrive Mobility Simulator. MxDrive reproduces multi-vehicle and infrastructure mobility systems to generate and execute real-world conditions for validating connected vehicle applications.

About Danlaw

Danlaw’s 800+ global engineering professionals have been providing connected vehicle telematics and automotive embedded electronics solutions to OEMs and their Tier-1 supply base for more than 30 years. In 2015, Danlaw was selected by the USDOT to develop a certification environment for testing and validation of connected vehicles using the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) standard, ISO 802.11p. Customers include automotive OEMs, electronics suppliers, fleet and insurance companies worldwide. Danlaw has facilities in the USA, Europe, India and China.

About OmniAir

OmniAir Consortium is a 501(c) (6) nonprofit trade association advancing the deployment of standards-based, interoperable wireless transport technologies that improve mobility, safety, and efficiency of ground transportation networks. OmniAir is committed to bringing members together to work collaboratively on requirements for connected vehicles, including interoperability and certification.