Danlaw Is a Certified Ford ITV Service Provider

Ford trusts Danlaw with their critical automotive network protocol validation solution needs. Danlaw's automotive embedded software expertise ensures our performance as a third-party software verification and validation source.  Our relationship with Ford as a provider of embedded software services leverages.

Danlaw's direct experience with the development and testing of Ford ECUs, as well as the following critical know-how regarding Ford's specific vehicle network communications requirements:

  • Ford Netcom Diagnostic and Multiplex Requirements

  • Unified Diagnostic Services (ISO 14229)

  • Ford Network Operating System (FNOS)

  • Ford Netcom's dedicated test scripts, procedures, pass/fail criteria and test result reporting

Danlaw is the industry's leading, Certified Ford Independent Testing and Verification (ITV) provider for Ford's Vehicle Network Certification (FVNC) program. Danlaw performs more Network Communication (Netcom) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) level testing for Ford’s Tier 1 module suppliers than any other ITV provider in the industry. Our testing expertise provides top-to-bottom Ford ITV coverage and traceability for the following:

  • CAN Multiplex (MUX) ECU Level Testing (FNOS)

  • General Diagnostic Specification (GDS) Compliance Testing

  • Generic Global Diagnostic Specification (GGDS) Compliance Testing

  • Design Verification Plan Review and Results (DVP&R) Auditing

Danlaw provides a complete testing service centered around ensuring that our clients achieve rapid ITV certification with the proper reporting and audit trail for MUX, Part 1 Diagnostic testing and Part II review and audits.  You can trust Danlaw with your Ford ITV testing needs.