Danlaw to Supply UMTRI with V2X Aftermarket Safety Devices

With the expansion of the Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment (AACVTE) program at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI), Danlaw has been selected to supply DSRC Aftermarket Safety Devices (ASDs). In addition to providing ASDs, Danlaw will be developing applications that will enhance the safety of drivers and passengers by alerting them to potential hazards in their environment. These devices are in addition to the Danlaw Vehicle Awareness Devices (VADs) awarded early this year. The primary goal of this effort is to expand the deployment of V2X products and applications, moving the technology forward from research to commercial viability.

UMTRI is committed to interdisciplinary research that will increase driving safety and is taking the next step in their ongoing program for testing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) systems with DSRC enabled connected vehicles. Danlaw, a global supplier of telematics solutions, automotive electronics, and engineering tools, is actively involved with developing DSRC connected vehicle technology. Products include a DSRC test and certification platform for the USDOT as well as a full range of in-vehicle connectivity solutions.

"Danlaw is excited to continue to support UMTRI's V2X expansion," said Andrew Donaldson, Program Manager - Connected Vehicles, at Danlaw. "The University of Michigan has been a great partner, and their continued use of Danlaw's product portfolio underlines the confidence that UMTRI has in Danlaw's ability to deliver."

"Danlaw has proven themselves to be an excellent partner to UMTRI for the AACVTE Deployment Program. There is no better place to develop connected vehicle technology than right here in Michigan," said Debby Bezzina, Senior Program Manager for the Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment at UMTRI.

With the addition of these ASDs, Danlaw will have supplied more than 1000 devices to volunteer and fleet vehicles in the UMTRI program. The ASDs will be able to send and receive safety messages using the DSRC communication link. In addition, the device runs V2V and V2I safety applications, and issues warnings to the vehicle driver. This deployment will determine how connected vehicle safety technology works under real-life conditions, with actual drivers and vehicles. Additionally, the deployment provides UMTRI stakeholders with a real-world environment to test and develop future commercial products.


Danlaw's 800+ engineering professionals have been providing connected vehicle telematics and automotive embedded electronics solutions to OEMs and their Tier-1 supply base for more than 30 years. In 2015, Danlaw was selected by the USDOT to develop a certification environment for testing and validation of connected vehicles using the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) standard, ISO 802.11p. Customers include Automotive OEMs, Automotive Electronics Suppliers, Fleet and Automotive Insurance companies worldwide. Danlaw has facilities in the USA, India and China.


The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute is committed to advancing safe and sustainable transportation for a global society. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the heart of the transportation industry, UMTRI partners with government and industry and draws on scholarly collaborations to deliver high-quality research and the deployment of solutions to critical transportation issues. Since 1965, UMTRI has conducted thousands or research projects, has collected hundreds of terabytes of data and is now the sixth largest research institute on the U-M campus in terms of research expenditures, bringing in over $20 million annually. UMTRI's multidisciplinary research includes short- and long-term projects in areas involving accident-data collection and traffic-safety analysis, bioengineering, human factors, mechanical engineering, psychology, economics, and public policy.