Danlaw Announces Two Additions for MxSuite

Danlaw, Inc. introduces two new products to reduce ECU testing efforts.

Danlaw announces two additions for Mx-Suite™, the industry’s leading Embedded Automated Test Environment.  What used to take weeks to test can now be performed overnight.   Mx-Suite’s Connectivity to NI VeriStand® lets users create, manage and execute module tests more efficiently than with NI VeriStand’s native interface.   Mx-PLT™ provides Automatic OEM CAN/LIN Conformance Testing.  It enhances Mx-Suite™ with hardware and automated test cases so that suppliers can confirm that their ECU modules meet stringent vehicle communication standards using OEM reporting formats.

Mx-Suite™ for NI VeriStand™

Danlaw has extended its Mx-Suite™ Embedded Automated Test environment with seamless connectivity to NI VeriStand™, the National Instruments interface for configuring real-time tests.   Mx-Suite™ allows NI VeriStand™ users to visually construct test cases using intuitive graphics rather than traditional scripting languages. Control algorithm engineers and electronic test team members can easily and comprehensively test the component without having to write programmatic test cases.

“The portability of test cases used for simulation in a virtual environment during modeling and software coding to our NI VeriStand environment is powerful. All that is necessary is simple remapping of I/O to NI VeriStand,” said Ian Fountain, director of HIL and real-time test at National Instruments.

The Mx-Suite™ Embedded Software Test tool is designed to help automotive OEMs and suppliers produce their products more efficiently and with higher quality than traditional methods. Using intuitive graphical diagrams, software requirements are easily documented with performance criteria and tolerances, therefore simplifying software validation. The tool provides traceability from requirements, through design and test cases. Mx-Suite™ allows engineers to test development concepts using virtual prototypes, before electronics are available. Mx-Suite™ is used to design tests, validate models (MIL), execute tests on developer-written or auto-coded software (SIL) as well as run tests with bench and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) equipment.   This new capability for Mx-Suite™ offers NI VeriStand users the option of reusing simulation tests and software test cases on their NI HIL tester during system test.  Whether creating one-of-a kind tests or employing comprehensive test strategy,  Mx-Suite™ helps NI VeriStand™ users complete tests faster, more thoroughly, and in less time than with NI VeriStand’s alone. Click here for more information.

Mx-PLT™ Physical Layer Tester

Mx-PLT™ is Danlaw’s Physical Layer Tester for Mx-Suite™.  It is a cost-effective desktop solution that automatically performs CAN network physical layer tests and LIN conformance tests.  Mx-PLT™ is an optional component for Mx-Suite™, the industry’s leading embedded software test environment.  Mx-PLT™ reduces test time and operational costs over traditional automated testing.   By using a trusted tool that conforms to standard test methods and reporting formats, suppliers can quickly prepare their components for production release.

Mx-PLT™ is a Comprehensive physical layer test system for CAN (high speed, medium speed, single-wire) and LIN (master, slave, master/slave).   It has a Built-in Self-Test for power supply, network bus loads, and oscilloscope, and includes measurement equipment, electronic impedance switching, power supply w/crank simulation and ground offset, and harnesses.  Running standard test scenarios in the Mx-Suite™ tool, all OEM physical layers tests are automatically performed, including Invalid frame insertion and Variable bus traffic loading.