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Cybersecurity ISO/SAE 21434 Compliance

Using Vehicle Cybersecurity Labs to Automate Requirements Validation 

Building a cybersecurity management system that complies with ISO/SAE 21434 requires perfect alignment between the OEM and its suppliers, which have significantly different cultures.  For this reason, it is often more easily achieved by using expert third parties like Danlaw.  While Security testing focuses on determining whether or not a product can be breached, Security validation allows you to continuously measure if your outlook is improving or degrading over time. It provides you detailed information about how your controls behave during an entire attack cycle, what happens during attack, and what you need to do to fix it.

Security Testing Facilities

For years, Danlaw has built test equipment and staffed facilities with hundreds of test benches for testing quality, performance, and stability of automotive subsystems .  Danlaw and partners have extended these labs to provide cybersecurity testing infrastructure, and to provide continuous testing facilities our clients. 

Security Validation

Danlaw and partners provide expert consulting services as well as customer-accessible labs for evolving cybersecurity testing needs.  While primarily addressing threats due to software updates, it also addresses other areas such as mobile device access to automotive systems,  and cloud-based communications.  

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