Accelerate Your Usage Based Insurance Program During COVID-19

Create Pay-Per-Mile Policies for Customers Who Drive Less

More than 60% of Americans now commute between rooms for work, rather than between neighborhoods. At its peak, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a 50% drop in the number of miles driven, keeping driveways full and roads empty across the US*.

As many companies across the US extend their work-from-home policies for the longterm, drivers are seeking ways to reduce their auto insurance costs relative to their significantly lower mileage. Consumer interest in Usage Based Insurance has skyrocketed, with Pay-As-You-Drive (mileage-based) and Pay-How-You-Drive (behavior-based) policies taking center stage.

By leveraging modern telematics technology, auto insurers can maximize business efficiency, reduce risk, and enhance the customer experience. Keep scrolling to learn how drivers and insurers can leverage UBI programs during COVID-19, or jump to information about Danlaw’s plug-and-play telematics solutions for auto insurance.



Transforming Insurance with Telematics

Danlaw’s flagship telematics device, DataLogger, is built to support value-added services that benefit drivers and insurers alike.

DataLogger plugs into the OBD port of almost any car and captures thousands of data points every second, from odometer readings and vehicle diagnostics, to location information and driving behavior. Data is transmitted from the driver’s vehicle to the insurer’s platform via WiFi, Bluetooth, and/or cellular connections.

3 - 2 - 1 Launch!

If you’re fired up and ready to go, Danlaw has all the building blocks you need to quickly deploy your solution and start building customer loyalty. Whether you want to start a new UBI program or create value-added services in an existing program, we’ll help you launch on time and within budget.

Telematics Device

Minimize your time to market by deploying our plug-n-play DataLogger devices.

Web-Based Platform

Manage and monitor all your DataLogger devices with our Vision platform service.

Mobile App & SDK

Instantly engage your customers and reduce data costs with our Smart Connect App.

Solutions Built to Suite

Danlaw’s connected car platform is completely modular. We can be combine, configure, or redesign our products to enable millions of transformative business solutions. No matter your budget, timeline, resources, or scope - you can build a successful telematics program with Danlaw.

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Data Makes a Difference - See For Yourself

If you want to accelerate growth, drive customer retention, and emerge resilient from COVID-19, then partner up with Danlaw. Contact us to set up a 30-minute demo of our platform, we’ll show you how telematics data will shift your UBI program into high gear.

    1. Metz, Jason. “We’ve Cut Our Driving in Half. Is it Time For Pay-Per-Mile Insurance?” Forbes, 2020. Click here for full article.